If you’re training for the marathon next year and are also growing your hair out, you may be experiencing for the first time the complications of running and long hair being an irritating distraction. In this blog we look at 3 tips or methods brought to us by Pankhust London – a mens stylist in Soho and they may offer some advice that you may want to consider when running with long hair.

  1. Wear a hat. Sounds obvious I’m sure, but many men dont like running with a hat because the cap fabric c an rub up and down on the forehead which can be a skin irritant and so choose to leave it and instead have hair bouncing around. This may not be a problem if you leave with dry hair as it tays mostly in place, but if it starts to rain or worse yet on long distances may invoke sweaty hair that then can fall into your eyes and the saltiness of the hair may become another irritant. The best recommendation to remove the hat irritation is to place some vaseline on the hairline and that should remove the issue without needing to remove that along the journey.
  2. Wear a hair band – Sure you may look like David Beckham circa 1996 and/or be accused of being a metrosexual but if your hair is at that difficult middle ground stage of growth where its too short to push back into a ponytail but too long to leave alone on your head then it can play a very effective tool to use that pins it back against your head and solves the bouncy issues as aforementioned.
  3. Man Bun – the obvious choice if your hair is long enough. Keep it bunched, keep aerodynamic and keep looking (somewhat cool) as you strut around the streets – just look put for nasty pranksters that want to point, laugh or possibly pull out the scissors and do the world a favour by cutting your hair for your and forcing you to go back to short hair that you should be wearing anyway. You’re too old and not good looking enough for long hair so stop trying so hard. You’re in London, not LA… act like it!

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