Why do people run marathons? Some do it because they love running, others for a test of endurance both mentally and physically, some to keep fit and others to raise money for a good cause. There are countless reasons why people decide to run on the big day, but the big day is by far not the worse part of running a marathon. On the day you are supported by hundreds of thousands of people in the city of the race, you have tens of thousands of other people around you all experiencing the same energy sapping pain as they trudge on through the miles. The hardest part is the weeks leading up to the race. When you are running by yourself for 15, 17, maybe 20 miles on a cold wet Sunday morning all by yourself, with no support, no live bands and no refueling stations. Yet people do it. Why? Well it’s preparation for the big day but its preparation for the finish line when all that hard work pays off. You’d hope no one would sprint out of the blocks on that day. Because if they do they wont make it to the finish line and won’t feel that wonderful self pride and satisfaction in the achievement of doing what no body is naturally meant to do.

Yet people who undertake SEO want the race over in a 10 seconds, they want to feel the pride of ranking first in your neighborhood for the keywords you want to, to be seen as the most respectable, and trusted source of information or service provider among your peers. The guys selling SEO campaigns at SearchButlers spend much of their time asking business owners who are fitness lovers this question. “If no one ever knew and you have the opportunity to sign up for a marathon but then cheat and jump on a bus after 1 mile that drips you off a couple miles from the finish line, would you?” The answer is nearly always a resounding no. The follow up question is always then why are you in such a rush to demand position 1 ranking in 30 days. Thats the digital equivalent SEO is not just about ranking 1st and benefitting as a business it should be about taking pride in your business and earning your way to the top. The only way to get there that quickly is by shortcutting the system and even if you get away with it, you wont feel the pride that you can feel knowing that you have earned your right to call yourself the best and most trusted provider of service in your chosen field among ypur peers. Until business owners are offered a different thought process about SEO they always want to be the Usain Bolt of marathon runners and its just not the way to approach it to really see the benefits and pride that comes from successful SEO.

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